How To Setup Bigrock Custom Domain on Blogger

By | August 18, 2017

Blogger is one of the biggest blog publishing platforms which is hosted by Google.You can create your blog in blogger absolutely free of cost. If you want to know more about it, read this article very honestly.

A blog is a contraction of the term that is known as the weblog. As we all know that it is a written record of the event taking place. In essence, the record of such events on the web is what the word blog means.However, unlike a blog, the blog contains anything it could be news, happening etc.

It is an online variant of the personal diary and owner of the blog is free to write whatever he feels.Today Blogging has become a very powerful tool online and as a result, different anyone who has anything to say has eagerly jumped on blogging.

Blogging can be done different ways. Either you can build a powerful website of your own or you can choose the various free blog platform.Which is available on the internet. For example Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress etc are the most valuable template for starting Blogging career.If you would like to start a blog on, then I will give you complete process for creating your requirement blog.

How To Setup Bigrock Custom Domain Blogger:

By this posts, you can easily create or start your own blog on the internet.Creating a blog of your own is very easy and there are millions of website that offer you the facility to create it. But I am to going to guide you here on this page.

Very first login on the internet and create your own blog which gives you as your own blog name.If you want to add a custom domain name to your custom domain blogger like instead of this then you will have to buy the custom domain for your blogger from domain service provider.

There is the various custom domain provider in the would but I would like to suggest you buy your custom domain from Bigrock. This is the best service provider in India.It provides discount coupon code up 85% on the famous festival.

There are various steps to setup any custom domain blogger.

Go to Bigrock domain service provider website home page”
Find login section on the home page of Bigrock website”
Enter your big rock login details like I’d and Password”

  • Click on domain name under the order list:
  • Now Scroll down and find DNS Management link then click on it”

custom domain

  • A new window page will open by default you, Now click on records section tab
  • Now enter destinations IPv4 Address I,e

how to setup custom domain blogger

  • You will have to add three more records of destination IPVS4. The Three more destination address is available below.

  • After adding the 4th add address, it will look like this:
  • Now Verify Your Blog:

Login your blogger account and find setting section on the home page then click on Basic under publishing Body. Now click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog.

  • Submit your custom domain which you have brought from Bigrock domain service provider:
  • When you click on save button, Blogger will pitch an error to get verification of your authorities custom domain blogger name which you have taken from India best domain service provider.
  • Now you will have to login Bigrock account and click on CNAME Record table.
  • Let’s go for add first record provided by blogger. As per blog guideline Host Name will field by (www) and value will field by this
  •  Now add the second record provided by blogger, Click on CNAME Record Section table then copy the second code from blogger and finally submit it in the Host Name and Value.
  • Now go to blogger account again and click on save button. This will save without any error. In the last mark tick on redirect custom domain ( into

 Note: It is the most important information, that the Sometimes it may take 1 hrs to configure properly.

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